Founded on the 24th of April of 2006, with headquarters in the city of Santa Cruz, California,  it is a private civil institution, of a cultural, scientific and charitable character, of indefinite duration, that has as its purpose:

The practice if charity in every way and through all of the methods at its disposal such as:

Developing actions that contribute to the spiritual elevation and maturing of the human being through educational activities:

To dedicate oneself to the study of the works of Afro-Brazilian Umbanda and works codified by Allan Kardec, promoting them in all of their scientific, philosophic and religious aspects, with the goal of of the student living in a disciplined, conscious and permanent way.

Promote the practice of charity, moral beneficence.  spiritual support through consultations within its ritual, in an impartial way.

In the Temple all are assisted and taught, without distinction of race, sex, color, nationality, social position or religion.

The Temple develops theoretical study of the doctrine of Umbanda for the mediums and attendees, always establishing a climate of unity, understanding, of harmony, of fraternity and respect among all.

The number of members is unlimited, for both genders, without distinction of color, nationality, and religion.

THE TEMPLE OF SACRED UMBANDA “MOTHER YEMANJA” of California, has as its President, Rozilene Frye, Priestess and Director and Christopher Frye, Vice-President, medium, and Social Director.